Product Information Sheet


No. Information Value and precision Unit
1. Supplier’s name or trade mark SONY
2. Supplier’s model identifier KD55X81JAEP
3. Energy efficiency class for standard Dynamic G
4. On mode power demand for Standard Dynamic N/A W
5. Energy efficiency class (HDR) N/A
6. On mode power demand in High Dynamic N/A W
7. Off mode, power demand N/A W
8. Standby mode power demand N/A W
9. Networked standby mode power demand N/A W
10. Electronic display category Televizory a Hotelové systémy
11. Size ratio N/A integer
12. Screen resolution (pixels) 440 pixels
13. Screen diagonal 138,684 cm
14. Screen diagonal 54,6 inches
15. Visible screen area N/A cm2
16. Panel technology used N/A
17. Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) available N/A
18. Voice recognition sensor available N/A
19. Room presence sensor available N/A
20. Image refresh frequency rate N/A Hz
21. Minimum guaranteed availability of soft- ware N/A date
22. Minimum guaranteed availability of spare parts N/A date
23. Minimum guaranteed product support (until): N/A date
24. Power supply type: N/A
i External standardised power supply (included in the product box) N/A
Input voltage N/A N/A
Output voltage N/A N/A
ii External standardised suitable power supply (if not included in the product box) N/A N/A
Required output voltage N/A V
Required delivered current N/A A
Required current frequency N/A Hz